The Gamma INTJ

The Armchair Expert

The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy describes patterns of behaviour of the following types:

  1. Sigma: The Lone Wolf
  2. Alpha: The Leader
  3. Beta/Bravo: The Leader’s Right Hand
  4. Delta: The Competent Co-worker
  5. Gamma: The Special Boy
  6. Omega: The Outcast

The enumeration from Alpha to Omega can be understood as ranks in the hierarchy, whereas the Sigma is considered to be a very independent individual outside the hierarchy. Alphas are the leaders, and Betas/Bravos act as their right hand. Deltas are competent individuals, who quietly perform their duties. Omegas are total social outcasts. And the Gamma behavioural pattern can be summarized as follows:

The Gamma, in terms of…

Everybody knows a Gamma, and many young men with over-average intelligence at least occasionally display some Gamma tendencies and behaviour. Women often utter the intention of slapping a Gamma, because they’re acting in such annoying ways.

The Gamma (at the lower end of the hierarchy) often mistakes himself for a Sigma (outside the hierarchy). However, Gammas are quite common, whereas Sigmas are extremely rare.

The Myers-Briggs type indicator is unrelated to the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy and, thus, orthogonal to it. Every Gamma could be an ESFP or an INTP, and so could every Delta or Alpha. However, the INTJ, which is one of the rarest types, often has the image of a villain, a mastermind, or an evil genius. This perception of the INTJ type comes close to various depictions of Sigmas in various Sigma Grindset memes one finds on YouTube. Likewise, many non-INTJs think of themselves as INTJs. So both the Sigma SSH rank and the INTJ Myers-Briggs type are probably self-“diagnosed” way too often—especially by Gammas, I suspect.

I stumbled upon the following description of the INTJ personality type (as referred to as “the Architect” here):

Another Architect [INTJ] tendency is to search for self-respect through intangible intellectual victories rather than engaging in material challenges. When Architects turn their wit and intellectual prowess primarily to theory, commentary, and opinion, they tend to impress, and that inflates their sense of themselves. However, this focus on philosophical output may cause them to miss opportunities to flex their mental muscle through learning, creating, and solving real problems. No matter how insightful, clever, or correct, Architects who are “all talk” build little – other than the laurels on which they rest.

Source: Passive Punditry from (behind a paywall).

Even though the behavioural patterns of the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy and the Myers-Briggs type indicators are orthogonal, this particular behaviour ascribed to the INTJ has much in common with Gamma behaviour:

Like the “Passive Pundit” INTJ, the Gamma needs to step out of his delusion bubble. Nobody cares, if you win an argument on the Internet. If you think of yourself as “outside the hierarchy” because you refuses to compete, you’re probably not a Sigma, but just afraid of the reality and your own shortcomings. Try something that’s way out of your comfort zone, just to demonstrate to yourself how bad you’re at it in the beginning. Build up from there by actually improving yourself. This kind of progress will not just inflate your sense of superiority, but be a real reward—both psychologically and materially.